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Industrial Ball Valve Solutions

Mizup Metal is a Taiwanese leading stainless steel ball valve manufacturer and a supplier, providing ball valves to a wide range of industries such as machinery, petrochemical, semiconductor, vacuum, food, pharmaceutical, and seawater desalination. Our products include ball valves, check valves, angle seat globe valves, cryogenic valves, and actuators, which are developed by our experienced design team and produced by our professional engineer team. All products are 100% tested to ensure the stable and high quality.

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Our products are from industrial valves that what we originally manufactured in earlier time, presently to those for professional usage such as sanitary valves, actuators, semiconductor purity and electronic meter valves.



The company was established as MainPillar Enterprise in Taichung in 1983. In response to the government's improvement of production quality, we produced the hand tool hardware by YF registered trademark, which made us one of the well-known and major hardware manufacturers in Taiwan.

In order to upgrade our products, we started to manufacture stainless steel flanges in 1988. In response to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, we purchased CNC computer lathes and CNC center cutting machines for mass production. We began to export our product to Europe and the United States, building up the foundation of the export market.

The company's products have developed from the early general industrial valves to various professional applications, such as semiconductor ultra-clean ball valves, sanitary ball valves, automatic control ball valves, seawater desalination ball valves, API607 fire safe ball valves, cryogenic valves and other products.