Types of Industrial Ball Valves

A ball valve controls the flow or stop of a liquid or gas in a pipeline by a quarter turn. The advantage of using ball valve is that it is durable, tight and lightweight to provide a secure seal. We can provide different types of ball valves: general standard type, high pressure resistant type, high temperature resistant type, high and low flow type, high purity series for semiconductor factories, automation products, or flow control valves.

All factors such as valve function, material, assembly parts, ball design and type of operation will affect the performance of the valve. Therefore, when choosing a ball valve, it is necessary to understand the product description clearly in order to meet all the requirements of the user. Mizup manufactures ball valves in different designs including 1-piece, 2-piece, 3-piece, multi-port and instrumentation valves. In addition to ball valves, we also produce Y-type globe valves, cryogenic globe valves, check valves and OEM products. Our high-quality ball valves are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications, even the most demanding applications in the petroleum, chemical, food, and semiconductor industries.