The company was established as MIZUP METAL in Taichung in 1983. In response to the government's improvement of production quality, we produced the hand tool hardware by YF registered trademark, which made us one of the well-known and major hardware manufacturers in Taiwan. In order to upgrade our products, we started to manufacture stainless steel flanges in 1988. In order to meet the demands of domestic and foreign markets, we purchased CNC computer lathes and CNC center cutting machines for mass production. We began to export our product to Europe and the United States, building up the foundation of the export market. After years of efforts to implement factory standardization and comprehensive quality control, our products have developed from the early general industrial valves to various higher spec valves, such as semiconductor ultra-clean ball valves, sanitary ball valves, seawater desalination ball valves, API607 fire safe ball valves, cryogenic valves, automatic control valves and other products.
Now Mizup products are broadly used in both domestic and foreign markets. We will continue to meet the expectations of customers and concentrate on the stable supply of higher quality products.

Supply Records
Affirmation both domestically and internationally

After years of efforts to implement factory standardization and comprehensive quality control, the company's products have been affirmed by domestic and foreign customers.

【Supply Record - Taiwan】
TSMC, AUO, CPT, Winbond, Chi Mei Electronics, Linde LienHwa, Air Liquide Far Eastern, ProMOS, HannStar, Taiwan Komatsu, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital (Oxygen lines), Taipower Dalin Power Plant, etc.

【Supply Record - Overseas】
SHARP (Kameyama LCD panel plant), SHIBAURA MECHATRONICS (LCD stripping device, Cleaning device), JAPAN PIONICS (Clean nitrogen purifier), KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRY (EGR system for marine diesel engine ), NAIKAI SALT INDUSTRY (High pressure salt making process)
KYOWA KIDEN (Okinawa Daito Islands seawater desalination system), AIR LIQUIDE SINGAPORE (Nitrogen generation system), ORGANO VIETNAM (Pure water treatment system), TSMC (Arizona), TSMC (Kumamoto, Japan), etc..

Connecting Futures for Infinite Progression

Infinite Progression

MIZUP focuses on the field of ball valve development. Through these "Forty years", we are continuesly improving the research and development in adjustment and control of stainless steel ball valves.

We provide products suitable to "transmit" different fluids and gases, as well as control temperature and pressure.

And for you to "connect" the required machines and equipment for production, and able to "connect" trust and quality. We are always moving forward for the better.

When meeting customers needs and future developments, we also aim to maintain environmental balance, and to implement energy conservation and carbon reduction, and together work to achieve the corporate value of "sustainable development" in work and the environment.