CNC Machining

Numerical control machine tools and more advanced computer numerical control machine tools have become an important part of CNC precision machining.

Advantages of CNC precision machining
  • Stable processing quality, high machining accuracy, and high repeatablity.
  • High processing efficiency and high yield.
  • Ablity to process complex shapes that are difficult by traditional methods, and even can process some unobservable processing parts.
Electro Chemical Buffing (ECB):

It uses electrolysis to remove metal atoms from the surface of the workpiece layer by layer, and removes the influence of the electrolysis products on the insulation effect on the surface of the workpiece. Through the repeated action of (electrolysis -> brushing off electrolysis products), the surface roughness of the workpiece can be quickly reduced to achieve a high-quality mirror effect. In the process of processing, there is very little residual strength, heat and abrasive particles, which can avoid generative processing metamorphic formation. A passivation film will be formed on the machined surface, which has a better improvement in corrosion resistance.
ECB processing technology is applied to sanitary/semiconductor grade ball valves, which can improve the roughness and corrosion resistance in the product wetted surface and meet the requirements of high purity ball valves.